Just For The Frill Of It Women S Tops

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Submitted by: Christian Garrington

Frills are big news for the autumn and winter but not in the way that they have prevailed over the summer with a feminine and romantic aesthetic. For the Autumn and winter frills have a harder edge and more solid look as they are used to create texture on tops, dressed and skirts. Florals mixed with black and white gives just the right contrast between girly and grown up for a great look and an interesting texture. The simple flattering shapes of the tops combine perfectly with the intricate frill detail for an amazing look for the winter that works well for the daytime or the evening. The horizontal lines of the frills are great for balancing out wide hips and the ruffles also diguise a very small bust and any lumps or bumps around the torso.

This long sleeved black and white frilled front toplooks like two pieces of clothing a tunic top and shrug but actually it is only one which makes it incredibly easy to wear and convenient.The bolero creates a beautifully flattering and feminine neckline which makes this top great for the evening. Just team with a pair of black evening trousers. It would also look great with a black skirt.

This black long sleeved frilled front toplooks great for the daytime but could also work well for the evening if dressed up with some sparkly jewellery. The texture adds some interest to an all black outfit for a very slimming look or the top will also go with just about any colour from camel to green. A very stylish and versatile top that is likely to become a staple in many women s wardrobes.

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This contrast floral black and white frill top is a great casual piece that looks great with leggings or skinny trousers and a pair of boots. The eye catching design on the front incorporate frills in a floral print fabric for a great texture. The long line of this top makes it really easy and comfortable to wear for relaxed occasions but still incredibly stylish.

This black frill fronted top looks amazing for the evening when combined with a beautiful skirt or great pair of trousers. The very stylish neckline created by the long sleeved mock bolero lends itself perfectly to wearing with a statement necklace. The soft jersey that the top is made from makes it a really comfortable but stylish choice for the evening.

In order to show off your frill top at its best choose from a range accessories that add a pop of colour or more interesting textures to your outfit.

This beaded bag from Roman Originals is a great way to add some sparkle to your frill top for the evening. The beads add even more texture for a monotone outfit that combines a variety of textures.

This bow detail bag is another great option for the evening for a great contrast to black and white.

This Fringe Detail Lilac Leather Frenso Handbag at Roman Originals is a great way to add yet more texture to a daytime outfit.

About the Author: Aid Addison – Roman Originals Elegant

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You Are Not Fat! You Are Just Leptin Resistant}

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Submitted by: Guss Kuh

The hormone Leptin, some will call it the obesity hormone or starvation hormone. It was first discovered, not so long ago, in 1994 by scientists and raised huge excitement among the losing weight and dieters community.

Some scientists would call Leptin the Starvation hormone and not the obesity hormone. The hormone Leptin is produced in our fat cells goes to the brain through our bloodstream. Thanks to the Leptin, our fat cells are able tell the brain that our energy levels are just as right. Each person has a Leptin Threshold that is apparently set when we are born.

When your leptin level is above that threshold, fat cells are telling to the brain that they have enough energy to function normally, so that includes doing work out in a normal rate, burning energy in a normal speed and eat food in a normal amount.

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So what happens when people go on a diet?

Lets say you reduce your food amounts, or starve yourself and you start losing weight. Then your leptin levels are going down, below the threshold. Then the fat cells tell your brain: Hey, we dont have enough energy down here, will you do something? this is causing the brain to get into starvation mode. Now your body feels that it needs to get this energy back to your fat cells, to generate more leptin and to get back to that threshold. This is what causing you to eat and what makes your leptin level get back to where it was.

So lets simplify things. When Leptin levels are low, you are hungry. When they are high you feel full. So you might think to yourself now: So why should not I take this Leptin thing as a pill or something, to feel full, and this way I would lose weight? Wrong!

Well that was the first thing that people hoped when they first discovered Leptin in 1994. Finally there was a clear proof that obesity has a physiological explanation and its not just people who are being fat.

The obesity community was at a thrill. Many doctors believed that if you would give Leptin to people, that would raise the levels of Leptin and that would signal the brain to stop eating. But experiments showed that when people took it, it did not work so well.

You see, Leptin is made in the fat cells, so the more you are fat the more Leptin you make. That was a surprise to everyone because all thought that they are going to find low levels of Leptin in obese people. You see, the problem is deeper than that. In fat people, it is not the amount of leptin in the fat cell. It is just the Leptin is trying to signal to the brain to stop eating, but the brain will not get it. Something in this communication is not working right. This is called Leptin resistant, and the more you have it, the fatter you will be.

So basically it makes no sense to give Leptin to Leptin resistant people. It does not matter how much you give, it will not overcome this resistant.

Leptin works only in extremely rare cases in when people does not produce Leptin at all and become obese. When getting Leptin through injection this tiny group of people will stop overeating and lose weight. But for the majority of people it will not work. Leptin was never approved to be a treatment for weight loss.

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Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Monitor For Your Baby}

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Submitted by: Cecily Fuster

Do you remember when a baby monitor did little more than pick up the conversations your neighbors were having on their cordless telephones? But today, baby monitors have become far more advanced than to simply pick up and transmit sounds. Some systems even have video monitoring. Deciding on which monitoring system is right for you and your family can be difficult and confusing, because there are so many choices! Now there is more to think about than “which kind of walkie talkie-esque contraption will work best with the littlest feedback squeal?” But before you go ripping your hair out in frustration, just consider these tips as a general guideline to help you and your family pick out the best baby monitor.

First, you’ll probably want to control the volume on your receiver. Everyone knows all moms want to tend to their babies if they’re distressed or crying, but it’s a very good idea to be able to adjust the monitor volume to a comfortable level. Imagine flying out of your bed because it sounded like a three alarm fire, and you rush in to discover your baby is playing with a toy and making noise. You DO want a system that adequately conveys an alarm without breaking your eardrums.

Do you lead a relatively noisy lifestyle? If you have other children, share your home with others, or work from home, you may want to consider that these sounds can easily drown out the noises of your baby, which is why you may want to opt for a visual indicator which will alert you when there is something directly related to your baby.

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Since you can’t stop every little noise from occurring around you, you will find comfort in using this kind of system, because it visually alerts you when your baby is in distress, so that you become aware, even if you can’t hear it. These are especially important if one or both of the parents is hearing impaired.

Check out the user reviews on sites like Amazon or other massive sales sites. These are good reviews to read because they are from people who have bought the product, not by those selling it. You are likely to find the whole spectrum of reviews on sites like these. It’s likely that whatever you look up will have people who rate it five stars (highest) and those who only give it one star, and everything in between. If you want to get the most out of reviews like these you’ll have to focus on the more useful ones that give you specific reasons why they do or don’t recommend something. By reading about real experiences with various monitors, you can better decide which one is best for you. There are lots of ways to narrow down your choices when it comes time to choose a baby monitor. Considering things like the shape, size, and cost of the monitor should all be an important factor in your final decision. It’s best to be informed before you purchase your baby monitor, so take your time to assess what you actually want and how you want the monitor to deliver those features.

These tips can be helpful for you and also for your child. If you’re looking for even more things that can be useful for the baby in that case check out the sites down the page for some solutions.

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Nipple Trouble? Turn Those Headlights Off

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Nipple Trouble? Turn those Headlights Off


CM Leighton

Picture this: you re the sexiest gal on the dance floor, bumping and grinding in that slinky dress. An equally sexy guy comes up to you and you re on cloud nine. He s looking at your chest. You are offended. You look as your test as well. A thought comes to mind. You fall from the clouds and land flat on your butt. Yes, your nipples are showing. And the world can see.

Many of us have gone walking around with our headlights on. Embarrassing is putting it lightly. Some outfits can be troublesome even with the right bra. When a dress or a top is tight or sheer, your nipples do tend to show through. Even the best of bras succumb to extreme cases of headlights.

How do you turn off those stubborn headlights from showing?

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Simple: nipple covers.

The name says it all. These are usually silicon or cotton adhesives which stick to the skin without any other support. These nipple covers echo the bra burnings of the 60s. But then again, going bra-less back then was a political statement, fashion was secondary. Times have changed, and today going au naturel is all about fashion.

There are two types of nipple covers; the reusable and the disposable ones.

Reusable nipple covers vary from the adhesive to the non-adhesive kinds. Let s tackle the non-adhesive kinds first.

Foam nipple covers, can give women with sensitive skin the nipple coverage that they need as these don t contain any kind of adhesive. However, these need some adjusting after some time as these tend to ride up the bra. This can result to an uncomfortable day or a self-conscious night. The foam nipple covers usually work well with full figured women and provide the coverage they need.

Another type of reusable nipple covers are Bra Discs. These foam discs are 2.8 inches in diameter with curving slips around the edges are made of non latex resin and are worn under the bra. What makes this unique is that the curving slips help keep it in place. It s almost unnoticeable under the sheerest of clothing. But even with the curving slips, it can slide up on your bra. Another thing working against it is that it can feel like a rubber glove in your bra after a while. Nevertheless, the Bra Discs nipple cover works well to hide those unsightly protrusions.

Another variant of reusable nipple covers are the silicon ones. Using these have an advantage over the foam ones as they are softer and follow the contour of your body better. Unlike most reusable nipple covers, silicon nipple covers have adhesives to ensure they stay in place. Now, there s no need for bras when using these. So secure, these can be used under swimwear. A point against: these are washable and the adhesive on them may wear off, but those looking for coverage and hassle-free nipple covers will be happy with them.

Fashion Form s Extreme Silicon Breast Petals has it all. It has the coverage and molding ability of petal shaped nipple covers and its reusable too! And because it s made of silicon, it molds onto your breasts perfectly. Its only disadvantage? The adhesive may have ill effects on women with sensitive skin.

So, which nipple cover is right for you? If you want to try more than one thing out, sites like laurensilva.com offers a trial pack (with four different types of nipple covers) for a reasonable price. Now, you can turn off those headlights and turn up the heat.

Christie Marie Leighton is a freelance fashion writer. Her topics of interests are women’s fashion, haute couture and lingerie.

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Nipple Trouble? Turn those Headlights Off

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Wraparound Sunglasses C Also A Hip Style For Men

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Wraparound Sunglasses C Also a Hip Style for Men



Sunglasses with different shapes and colors have always been an essential accessory in summer. Many trends change throughout the years. Some of them have been out of fashion but some just like one type of sunglasses Cwraparound sunglasses will never go out of fashion. Many people think that the fashion world is only for women, but prosperous unisex fashion trend in recent years has proved that men can also be as fashionable and experimental as women. As a matter of fact, wraparound sunglasses are one of the few styles that are deemed to cater only to women. However, thanks to modern fashion that continuously upholds versatility and adventure, wraparound sunglasses help men make a fashion statement.

At present, we can see lots of male celebrities and models wearing wraparound sunglasses. Wraparound sunglasses are popular among men who engage in heavy-duty recreational activities, such as hiking, water sports, biking and other extreme sports. Part of the appeal of this style of men s sunglasses is that it protects the eyes from debris and water during activity. Wraparound sunglasses also can protect men s eyes from UV rays. As we all know that long-time exposure to the sun will cause a lot of eye disease such as cataract, muscle degenerate and so forth. Wraparound sunglasses can block the harmful sunlight from any angle because of the big sized frame.

YouTube Preview Image

Wraparound sunglasses also stay in place on the face better than other contemporary styles. They come in varying colors and patterns and are the more creative sunglasses styles for men than the reserved nature of most other styles. With the development of technology, there are a lot of things used to decorate sunglasses such as Swarovski crystal and any other engraved designs on the frame of wraparound sunglasses.Moreover, if you have vision problem, you can choose

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