Birthday Party Milton Keynes

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Birthday party Milton Keynes


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Spy Missions The Ideal Birthday Party In Milton Keynes

There are many different types of adventure birthday party in Milton Keynes and the rest of the country, but spy missions are proving to be among the most popular. They are described as being a cross between Mission Impossible and the Crystal Maze and they pit the wits of every child or adult against the other team to see who can come out on top. Realism and adventure are the keywords and there are spy missions designed for any age including adults for corporate entertainment or a fun and exciting birthday party idea.

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Spy Missions

The spy missions offer a huge sense of realism with missions evolving around current topics. Save North Korea from Korean nationalists, board a boat carrying enriched uranium and prevent it falling into enemy hands, shut down a nuclear power plant core before it explodes, or recover a downed satellite from a Colombian warlord. These are the types of missions you and your party can embark upon.

Birthday Parties In Milton Keynes

Spy mission birthday parties in Milton Keynes offer the whole package too. You can invite anywhere from a handful to 10 or more of your secret agents friends and theres food and refreshments available as well as the opportunity to save the world. Parties stay together and the kids parties are designed for children up to the age of 13.

Spies Of Any Age

Its not just the kids that get to save the world either. Spy missions are a highly unique and incredibly enjoyable way to put on a corporate event or entertain clients and potential customers. They can make great team building days as most of the missions can be played as a team too.

The Skills Required

Spy missions require more than boundless energy and enthusiasm although these will go a long way to ensuring that the day will be memorable and entertaining for all. Participants of all ages will be encouraged to think laterally, crack codes, and solve puzzles in order to be successful. Played as a team, the spy missions will also required leadership abilities from one of the team members and it will encourage team building from all members of the party.

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Birthday party Milton Keynes


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