Hp Laser Jet 4 Printer The Best Solution For Large Company Needs}

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HP LaserJet 4 Printer – The Best Solution For Large Company Needs


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The HP LaserJet 4 printer delivers great quality and will become an indisputable asset for the work-group environment which it was designed for. It is one of the best black and white printers out there with a price tag well bellow the standard for such an equipment. It is a heavy and durable machine with measurements of 18.1×20 by 6×12.5 inches and a weight of 51.4 lbs.

The materials that this machine can output materials of great quality. Prints will be generated at a rate of 8 ppm with a resolution of 600 by 600 dpi. Small text will be visible in the smallest of detail while larger fonts will show no signs of grain or noise. The average quality is exceeded when graphics and gray-scale images are produced, with a very slight white area left uncovered. The printer uses by default 35 scalable Intellifont outlines, a TrueType font rasterizer and also it features 35 Windows TrueType fonts that are included in the package. Additional fonts are available as downloads should one need them.

One feature is extremely important for this device, that is it’s capacity to host an additional paper tray with the capacity of 350 sheet, so that it will work for longer periods of time without the need for a refill for longer periods of time.

However a major disadvantage could be considered the inability to do double sided prints. Also if it is fed manually it will require the push of a button for every new feed.

The printer will accommodate most types of media, from plain paper to envelopes, labels and transparencies as well. In terms of size it can house most formats from A4, Legal,Executive, Letter A, Commercial 10, Monarch, International, C5, and others as well.

The printer is issued with the standard 1 year warranty that is handed at the moment of purchase and it also includes coverage for parts and labor as well.

The printer comes with 4 toner cartridges but those will need to be replaced after only a few hundred prints. The standard cartridges will however have a life cycle of around 6800 pages if the coverage doesn’t exceed 5 percent while it’s duty cycle may be of up to 20 000 pages per month.

The HP LaserJet 4 printer is one of the best pieces of equipment in it’s range, designed for the larger corporate spaces to which it responds with great expertise and stature. No matter how much work has to be done it will always do it with great accuracy and speed.

If used properly and with adequate maintenance, together with it’s designed LaserJet 4 toner, it will always exceed expectations regarding quality and preciseness. It’s speed in particular as well as the other built in specifications mark it as one of the greatest printers on the market. It will certainly inspire both employees as well as customers or owners as well. The printer is also a user friendly machine and it has a short and gentle learning curve sot that it’s handling remains care free and easy.hewlett packard laserjet


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HP LaserJet 4 Printer – The Best Solution For Large Company Needs


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