Eastern Conference wins 2008 NBA All-Star Game

Eastern Conference wins 2008 NBA All-Star Game
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Monday, February 18, 2008

Eastern Conference 134 128 Western Conference

The Eastern Conference defeated their Western Conference counterparts at the 2008 National Basketball Association All-Star Game held at New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana on Sunday. The final score was 134-128.

The East took an early 11 point lead in the first 5 minutes, due to an injured Kobe Bryant only playing 2 minutes before sitting on the bench for the rest of the game. “There’s one player we really, really missed, and that was Kobe,” said West coach Byron Scott. The West later reduced the lead to 2 points, but at halftime, the East led 74-65.

The West trailed by 13 at the beginning of the fourth quarter, but rallied behind New Orleans point guard Chris Paul, who had seven assists in the final period. With 2:48 remaining, Brandon Roy scored a layup on an assist from Paul, giving the West a 122-119 lead, their biggest lead of the game.

The East then answered back with two three-pointers from Ray Allen, before Chris Paul tied the game with a three-pointer of his own. However, the East would then take the lead and the game with layups from Dwyane Wade and Allen, as well as a driving dunk from LeBron James. A Brandon Roy three-pointer put the game within three points with 8.7 seconds left, but 3 free throws from Ray Allen sealed the win for the East.

“The fourth quarter was crazy,” said Chris Paul. “We were down 13. We picked up the intensity. We took the lead a few times but Ray Allen was unbelievable the way he shot the ball. And that last dunk by LeBron, we had two people on him but that still wasn’t enough.”

With 27 points, 8 rebounds, and 9 assists, James was named the All-Star Game’s Most Valuable Player for the second time in his career. Some television commentators also considered Ray Allen a likely choice for the award, with 14 of his 28 points coming in the final 3 minutes of the game. “I think Ray Allen had a heck of a shooting night,” James said after being presented the award.


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Professional Cleaning Services, Cleaning Supplies And Carpet Deep Spring Cleaners Ca}

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Professional Cleaning Services, Cleaning Supplies And Carpet Deep Spring Cleaners – CA


Daniel Flores

5 Big Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning Windows

The windows of your home or office require washing now and then; especially you are having a bird problem in your vicinity. Windows are usually placed in any room in such a way that they cannot be ignored for long and have to be cleaned regularly. Washing your windows is the sort of really annoying chore that you want to get right the first time. To ensure that you only have to tackle this project once, note these common mistakes before you start spraying and wiping your windows.

1. Choosing a sunny day.

Usually, choose a sunny day to start washing and cleaning your windows. Do this job in the blazing sun, the cleaner will dry onto the hot home or office windows before you get to wipe it off, leaving hard-to-remove the streaks. Instead, choose a dry, or cloudy day. But if the sun’s out completely, and you’re itching to clean, start with the windows on the shady side of your home.

2. Not dusting the sills and sashes first.

If you skip this step, then you are be allowing the water to mix with the dust. So, the liquid that drips onto the window frames will create a muddy mess. Always vacuum the frame, sill, and sash first before tackling the window glass.

3. Not using enough window cleaner.

Don’t be afraid to liberally spritz your windows with cleaner (we like Hope’s Perfect Glass), especially if they are extra dirty. You need plenty of cleaners to dissolve as well as suspend the dirt so it can be completely wiped away. If you skimp, then you’ll be seeing streaks for sure!

4. Using newspaper to dry.

Some folks swear by this trick as it is something unique, but we’ve never had any luck using the newspaper to dry windows. It’s quite messy and ineffective and far prefer the microfiber cloths. They are washable, super absorbent, and leave the glass truly shiny and completely streak-free.

5. Drying with a weak and linty paper towel.

While drying out the wet and recently cleaned windows, If a paper towel is still your cleaning cloth of choice, then be sure to choose one that’s up to the task. There is nothing worse than drying with a towel that separates in two or leaves lots of lint on the glass. Bounty Regular Paper towel is quite good and can be used for the drying purpose. It holds up best and never usually deposit dust.

Ideally, the windows should be washed twice a year, but it’s a task most people don’t look forward to. Cleaning the interior windows, as well as mirrors, are quite simpler. Since interior glass is usually not that dirty, there is not much need to wash your home or office windows first with the Castile soap or Sal Suds. The Interior glass is usually dirty with dust and water spots. So all you need to have is the Club Soda or Vinegar spray, a squeegee, and a microfiber cloth. This way you can keep the internal side of your window squeaky clean

Daniel Flores We provide the one-stop solution for Maid Service LA in LosAngeles,CA

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2012 Olympics clash with Ramadan

2012 Olympics clash with Ramadan
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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Muslim groups from across the world are criticising the organisers of the 2012 Olympics in London after it was revealed that the games will take place over Ramadan. The most holy month in the Muslim calendar, which will take place from the 21 July to 20 August in 2012, involves fasting during daylight hours and will affect an estimated 3,000 athletes.

Joanna Manning Cooper, spokesman for the games said: “We did know about it when we submitted our bid and we have always believed that we could find ways to accommodate it.” Nevertheless, this will come as a huge embarrassment for the organisers who have tried to ensure the event involve all of Britain’s ethnic communities. A quarter of the athletes who took part in the 2004 Athens Olympics were from predominantly Muslim countries and the fast will put any athletes involved at a clear disadvantage.

The chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, Massoud Shadjared said: “This is going to disadvantage the athletes and alienate the Asian communities by saying they don’t matter. It’s not only going to affect the participants, it’s going to affect all the people who want to watch the games.”

The president of the National Olympic Committee of Turkey, Togay Bayalti, said: “This will be difficult for Muslim athletes. They don’t have to observe Ramadan if they are doing sport and travelling but they will have to decide whether it is important to them. “It would be nice for the friendship of the Games if they had chosen a different date.”

The games will run from the 27 July to 12 August to coincide with the British Summer holidays. The summer holidays are a six week period running from mid July to early September. During this time, public transportation is generally less crowded and it will be easier to find the 70,000 volunteers needed to keep the games running. The International Olympics Committee has specified that the games must take place between July 15 to August 31. Giselle Davies, IOC spokesperson said, “We give a window to the five bid cities. The host city selects the dates within that window.”

The organisers are working with the Muslim Council of Great Britain to find ways around the problem.

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CanadaVOTES: NDP candidate Anne Lagacé Dowson in Westmount—Ville-Marie

CanadaVOTES: NDP candidate Anne Lagacé Dowson in Westmount—Ville-Marie
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Friday, October 10, 2008

In an attempt to speak with as many candidates as possible during the 2008 Canadian federal election, Wikinews has talked via email with Anne Lagacé Dowson. Dowson is a candidate in Quebec’s Westmount—Ville-Marie riding, running under the New Democratic Party (NDP) banner.

There is no incumbent in Dowson’s riding, as the area’s Liberal MP resigned earlier this year. A by-election was scheduled, but cancelled at the last minute, once Prime Minister Stephen Harper called a national election. Candidates in the riding are Dowson (NDP), former astronaut Marc Garneau (Liberal), Charles Larivée (Bloc Québécois), Guy Dufort (Conservative), and co-deputy party leader for the Greens Claude William Genest. Judith Vienneau of the joke party Neorhino.ca is also on the ballot.

The riding includes the City of Westmount, parts of Old Montreal, the Borough of Ville-Marie, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, and The Plateau.

The following is an interview with Ms. Dowson, conducted via email. The interview is published unedited, as sent to Wikinews.

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Theresa May’s Conservative Party wins UK election but loses majority, leaving Brexit plan in question

Theresa May’s Conservative Party wins UK election but loses majority, leaving Brexit plan in question
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Sunday, June 11, 2017

While Theresa May remains Prime Minister of Britain, her party, the Conservative Party, won Thursday’s general election but lost its majority in Parliament.

The next scheduled general election was not until 2020. May requested this general election, called a snap election, in April, when polls indicated it would strengthen the then-slight majority the Conservatives held in Parliament. Talks to establish the specifics of Britain’s departure from the European Union are set to begin June 19. Last year, British voters decided to leave the EU, but many of the specifics of the United Kingdom’s new relationship with the rest of Europe have yet to be established. May and the other Conservatives favor a “hard Brexit”, in which Britain would lose its current level of access to Europe’s single market and have to deal with higher tariffs and more complicated customs processes but it would regain full control of its borders with respect to trade and immigration. An increase in the number of Conservative Parliamentary seats would have supported this plan.

“Officially Theresa May is still the partner in Brexit negotiations,” said senior German MP Stephan Meyer, “but the political reality is different after this disastrous defeat. I can’t imagine that May will be able to remain prime minister.”

Jean-Claude Juncker of the European Commission said, “As far as the Commission is concerned we can open negotiations tomorrow morning at half past nine […] First we have to agree on the divorce and exit modalities, and then we have to envisage the architecture of our future relations. I do hope that the result of the elections will have no major impact on the negotiations we are desperately waiting for.”

A Parliamentary majority requires 326 of the organisation’s 650 seats. The Conservative Party holds 318 outright, including May’s own seat in Maidenhead, and the Labour Party holds 262, having gained about 30 in this election. In Britain, the leader of whichever political party has the most seats becomes Prime Minister, though they are also formally appointed by the monarch. Theresa May became leader of the Conservative Party on July 11 of last year and was appointed by Queen Elizabeth II two days later. Cases in which no political party wins outright are called a hung Parliament, and then two or more parties rule together in coalition. Britain had a coalition government from 2010 to 2015. Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party has pledged an unofficial alliance with the Conservatives, which would bring them up to 328.

This would make May the second Prime Minister in a row to call an election with unexpected results. David Cameron called for a referendum on Britain’s EU membership, not expecting the voters would reject it.

May’s current ministry said most of her senior officials, including Treasurer Philip Hammond, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, and Home Secretary Amber Rudd, will remain in the Cabinet.

May met with Queen Elizabeth II yesterday to request her permission to form a government in her name, a traditional formality.

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Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Family Coalition Party candidate Ray Scott, Algoma-Manitoulin

Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Family Coalition Party candidate Ray Scott, Algoma-Manitoulin
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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ray Scott is running for the Family Coalition Party in the Ontario provincial election, in the Algoma-Manitoulin riding. Wikinews’ Nick Moreau interviewed him regarding his values, his experience, and his campaign.

Stay tuned for further interviews; every candidate from every party is eligible, and will be contacted. Expect interviews from Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democratic Party members, Ontario Greens, as well as members from the Family Coalition, Freedom, Communist, Libertarian, and Confederation of Regions parties, as well as independents.

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2-year-old dies in car in 100ºF heat with windows rolled up

2-year-old dies in car in 100ºF heat with windows rolled up
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Friday, August 24, 2007

A two-year-old girl was found dead inside a car yesterday in Union Township, Clermont County, Ohio

The car was parked outside the Glen Este Middle School with all windows rolled up. High temperatures in the area reached 100ºF (~38ºC). Police said that the girl had been inside the car for hours before her death.

A friend of the family said the child was Cecelia Slaby, however police are not reporting any personal information.

The car was registered to the school’s vice principal, Brenda Nesselroad-Slaby. The school staff had to report to work to prepare for the start of school next week.

The family friend that identified the girl also told News 5 in Cincinnati that Nesselroad-Slaby was scheduled to attend a 7 a.m. meeting, but decided that was too early in the day to drop off Cecelia, so she ran several errands instead. The source said Cecelia likely fell asleep in the car and Nesselroad forgot about her when she did go to the school, as she usually does not care for the child in the morning. However, police have not released any specific details. The family friend described Nesselroad as “mother of the year.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the temperature inside a closed vehicle setting in sunlight can raise nearly 20 Fahrenheit degrees (11 Celsius degrees) in just three minutes. Another three or four minutes, and the administration says a car’s temperature can reach 125ºF (~52ºC). Heatstrokes occur when the body reaches a temperature of 104ºF (40ºC).

No charges have been filed. An autopsy has been scheduled.

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Insights on nutrient traffic in living cells

Insights on nutrient traffic in living cells
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Thursday, September 22, 2005

In a new study that may have important applications in medicine, researchers from the University of California Santa Barbara found that cells have evolved a surprising, but efficient, way to regulate the transport of goods to the nucleus and surrounding organelles.

Nutrients and signals outside of a cell get to the cell nucleus by way of carriers called endosomes. Endosomes travel through a cell on a highway of structural supports called microtubules.

Researchers studied the motion of endosomes by putting florescent tags, which glow under certain types of light, on individual endosomes and recording their motion through a microscope. They found that endosomes do not travel straight to the nucleus. Instead, they randomly travel toward and away from the nucleus with no preferred direction.

This is a little like getting in the car to drive to work, but instead of being caught in heavy traffic along the main road, randomly choosing a back road to follow. If you end up being caught in traffic going that way, you can also turn around and travel in the opposite direction for a while. It would make getting to work a little slow, but it leads to an even distribution of endosomes all along the microtubules.

This finding surprised the Santa Barbara group. Endosomes are most concentrated around the nucleus of a cell, so researchers expected that the endosomes would usually travel toward the nucleus.

Computer simulations show that the starburst-shaped layout of the microtubule system is responsible for the high concentration of endosomes at the nucleus. “It’s all in the geometry of the cell,” said Samir Mitragotri, a researcher on the project.

Endosomes randomly travel toward or away from the nucleus and can change direction. But as in Italy where all roads lead to Rome, the endosomes get to their destination because all roads eventually pass the nucleus. This system does not get a particular endosome to its target as quickly as possible, but ensures that nutrient transport is not disrupted if the cell moves or there is increased traffic.

Some heart, neurological, and muscular diseases are caused by the break down of proteins that regulate endosome movement. Scientists are not sure what this does to the cell said Samir Mitragotri, a co-author of the study, but research like this could help them discover the “missing link” between disease and transport properties.

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Top &Amp; Best Schools In Punjabi Bagh With Splendid Infrastructure

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Top & Best Schools In Punjabi Bagh With Splendid Infrastructure



Punjabi Bagh is located in west Delhi and formerly known as Refugees Colony. In 1950 it was renamed by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as Punjabi Bagh. Earlier due to partition Hindu and Muslims families from Pakistan settled here thus multicultural community. Presently it is a high-class area, typically residential and famous for its colossal bungalows. This area has flourished with swift commercial expansion with the aperture of several banks, salons, health clubs, Reliance fresh and restaurants like Domino s McDonald s, Thai Work and Caf Pasha etc.

This locality also has eminent shoes brands showrooms: Adidas, Nike, Reebok etc. Sri Krishna Janmashtami Mahotsav is celebrated with triumph at Punjabi Bagh Stadium. The area is alienated into two parts east and west Punjabi Bagh and it is linked to different parts of Delhi and NCR with DTC buses from well networks of roads. Punjabi Bagh is also connected to DMRC [Delhi Metro Rail Corporation]. ISKCON temple is located in the west division of Punjabi Bagh and it is ornamented with natural and artificial flowers and decorative materials all through the year. It s nearby areas are: Paschim Vihar, Moti Nagar, Paschim Puri, Pitampura and Rajouri Garden.

YouTube Preview Image

Schools in Punjabi Bagh are excellent ones and are affiliated to different boards of secondary education: CBSE, ICSE, IB and NIOS. Here schools are co-educational and English medium that cater world class education. Some of the top and best schools in Punjabi Bagh west: Kinder Care, Govt Girls Sr. Sec School, Shri SD Saraswati BAL Mandir, I Play I Learn Miracle Kids, Guru Nanak Public School and Mother s Pride etc. Day-boarding schools in this area present a combination of academics and co-curricular activities. These schools selected the best teaching staffs who are trained and experienced in their particular fields and are dedicated towards their work.

Teachers uphold children interest in learning through latest scientific and electronic techniques that are practiced by children. Interactive sessions of teaching are adopted by teachers to formulate their attention and to enhance their confidence and presentation level. These schools maintain splendid infrastructure with lush green atmosphere and flowery gardens. Here, schools provide all essential facilities: smart and airy class rooms, well-of library with reference books, children books and periodicals, modern science laboratories and hi-tech computer labs with latest software and internet services. Play grounds are maintained for major sports and games and also professional coaches and physical education teacher are available to train students. Students also learn yoga and practice mediation that helps them to maintain healthy mind and body.

Children participate in National and Zonal level competitions of dance, music, debate, painting, drawing and dramatics. Nursery and Play schools in West Punjabi Bagh promote play way learning. They consider that tiny toddlers learn while playing about themselves, their surroundings, people and the small world around them. By indulging in play Way activities they learn to work out problems and also learn to socialize as they interact with kids of their age and without fear they express their thoughts and views. These schools assist kids to have aptitude that is necessary for basic learning and writing. They have original childhood programs and learning that is the perfect establishment for the achievement in elementary schools level. Kids who go to pre schools are adaptable to formal learning atmosphere and have strong academics base. School in West Punjabi Bagh also imparts moral values for their bright futures.

Writer is school advisor of OnlineSchoolAdmissions a portal that provides free of cost consultancy to parents and schools for fast and easy online school admission process. Parents can locate

Mother\’s Pride


Mom\’s Star Daycare & Playway

of their choice selected from the directory of schools listed on the site and send enquiry about them. They can also search

P.P. International School

as per their choice.

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Why Is It Beneficial To Buy Car Tyres Online?}

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Why is it beneficial to buy car tyres online?


Priyank Garg

It is extremely essential to choose the correct car tyres, because a terrible selection of tyres cannot just put an effect on the financial plan of a man, additionally continues torment for a few years. It is better to buy car tyres online after knowing the correct specialized specifications and size from the car tyre handbook.

Anybody can check car tyre price online serenely from their home, while seeking on web with MyTyrePoint. Individuals sometimes select their tyre size and end up getting puzzled on which brand of tyres are fit for them, when they don’t know the brand.

YouTube Preview Image

At the point when buy car tyres online, they are frequently put into classes of Premium, mid-spending plan and economical range, at the easiness of cost of the tyres according to the brand and size. A purchaser can analyze distinctive tiye brands, costs and select the best one for them. This can profit a person from numerous points of view like cost and rebates, Products classification range, Time saving as buying is done from home, and learning accessible from various sources or sites.

Online customers can purchase their tires in mid-range costs brands and appreciate the benefit of reasonable cost and solution. This is a gigantic favorable advantage against purchasing tyres at a shop, where one will undoubtedly impact from business people and spending more cash.

The exchange is without issue with installment strategies like other online installment methods. Specialists recommend that individuals, who buy car tyres online, ought to search for used tyres additionally as they are less expensive in cost and furthermore perform well. Tyres purchased from an online site can be shipped to a garage of one’s choice, or at home. Tyres shipped to a garage have the advantage of having them straightforwardly fitted in the car.

Tyres ought to be changed when they need to be upgraded, are old, get regular punctures, or are in harmed conditions. New tyres ought to be purchased online which are of same width of the present tyres and which stick to the car specifications. Despite that, it is as essential to counsel a tyre professional, who knows how to arrange for particular tyre brand on web. He can be vital for giving appropriate direction to a person that can help him to make viable utilization of his new tyres for a longer time.

Buy car tyres in India can give an individual favorable benefit of security, better execution on street while driving, and an improved mileage of car with great footing in all conditions.

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